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 Valkyrie: Sin City

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PostSubject: Valkyrie: Sin City   Valkyrie: Sin City I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2018 6:30 am

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Sometimes escape was what someone needed.

And Freyja was uniquely affiliated with that need.

Her legs dangled off the edge of her balcony's railing, a box of take-out noodles balanced precariously on her lap. Her wings craved release, having been bunched up along her back all day as she was dragged from one meeting to the next, and even now they were compressed like that, the skintight suit under her rather casual shirt and shorts keeping them shielded from the prying eyes of the world.

It was nearly 3 am, yet Los Angeles was somehow busier than ever. A couple thousand feet under her the street was alive with traffic, various small dots weaving around each other on the dark strips of asphalt. Hot spots were drenched in neon like eclipsing waves, creating beautiful flicking pools of light across the skyline. Setting the half-finished food down on the cement of her balcony, the mutant quickly disposed of the pyjamas she had tossed on over her suit. Those wouldn't be needed now.

With a long sigh of pleasure, she let her wings expand to their full span, shivering slightly from the feeling. It didn't take long for even that movement to disrupt the fields of the Lucifer Suit, the feathered appendages quickly flickering back into reality. The wind caught her feathers and made goosebumps race up and down her arms, the suit still catching up for temperature control. It didn't take long for heat to replace the cool as it adjusted to ensure she was comfortable.

And she jumped.

Normally this would be panic and desperation. Instead, it was euphoria as she caught the breeze on her white feathers, soaring with a slight downward incline towards the less-refined part of L.A.

It was these places that brought out the worst in humanity. Robberies, assaults and all manner of crime in between provided ample opportunities for the fledgeling vigilante. She banked left, the wind slicking her hair back at a funny angle as she flew past her highrise, picking up considerable speed with the motion.

It was time for her nightly hobby to begin. Freyja never, ever hoped for anyone to be in danger, but, well... If nobody was, then tonight would be quite boring.
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PostSubject: Re: Valkyrie: Sin City   Valkyrie: Sin City I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2018 7:26 am

The City of Los Angeles had been through a lot over the years since it's beginning, and not all have been considered good. Crime was always a certainty in L.A. Once, it was run by Mickey Cohen; a Jewish Boxer turned Kingpin of the Sunshine Strip. Now? Now L.A belonged to a man who sought change through force, through aggression. It was time for The Mask. His cult following swamped the glamorous the city, wreaking havoc in their wake. They had one goal and it never faltered. The Mask only targeted government establishments, and tonight was an all too familiar scene.

The U.S Bank, in all it's glory, was the target. The man who wore the Rooster Mask stood at the forefront, a lever action shotgun recently discharged as a bloody mess that was once a Security Guard lay before him. A second individual with a Tiger Mask over his head placed stacks, and stacks, and stacks of cash inside a large, black duffle bag that rest over the shoulder of a figure who wore a Pig Mask.

"All set!" A gruff voice emanating from beneath a Zebra Mask shouted over the alarm that never seemed to stop ringing. They didn't have much time. Each figure turned towards the exit. A black bag, heavy with money, over each one's shoulders. Spent casings, bloodied corpses and damaged property was left in their wake.

So far everything had been easy, as easy as it could be. There were no heroes that dwelled in L.A as there was in other areas around the globe. Only a Police Force that struggled to keep up. Though this was as far as they knew, and the four was bound to be in for a surprise.
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Valkyrie: Sin City
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