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PostSubject: Khonsu Concept   Khonsu Concept I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2018 8:10 pm

Your Name: Sala
Link Your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Salanari/

Character Name: Charles Cooke
Character Alias: Khonsu
Character Age: 31 / 13.8 Billion years
Character Appearance:
Charles Cooke
Charles Cooke is a British-Egyptian man in his early thirties. He dresses and carries himself as one would expect for a man of his age, although his style can be extremely eccentric at times. His caramel skin is characteristic of his ethnicity, and he thinks that leather is just really, really nifty.

Khonsu is an astral spirit of the caste Lunaris, his essesence is made manifest in blue energy and white bindings wielding a great staff, constantly affixed and shifting in a flame trailing smoke always rising to face the constellation, Orion. He appears in often one of three sizes, a simple visage of himself intended to conceal the mortal shell he has taken for himself, a titanic being standing nearly 30 meters tall, and finally, as a massive cosmic entity comprised of energy floating through the void, swirling around a discus singularity emanating blue wisps.

Character Equipment: Cooke employs himself on the usual day-to-day as any normal man would, his personal equipment consisting of his phone, a lighter and of course, his keys.

Character Powers/Skills:

    -Will of the Stars: Khonsu can generate and manipulate fields of universal energy, often appearing to outsiders as bent starlight, a waving fluid with the appearance of the night sky, bent to his will. The manipulation of this cosmic energy allows for a wide range of attacks and defenses, as well as making the entirety of his natural form.

  -Spacetime Manipulation: Khonsu, as many of the titanic universal spirits roaming the wide and expenseless cosmos, has shown a will and ability to manipulate the very fabric of spacetime, as a weaver would a blanket. Warping spacetime around himself and select objects (his preferred method of travel) manipulating gravity, and the flow of light itself. Time is one of the few things that entities like Khonsu must bow before, as do all. Entropy forces even titans born of the same stuff as the universe to bend the knee.

 -A Thousand Lifetimes: The astral spirits are themselves almost as ancient as the universe, born of that swirling energy countless eons ago, though it would take billions of more years for them to grow and develop, as so must an infant. In the time since Khonsu has lived a thousand lifetimes, in many ways more than others. Inside of him, a single-minded and entirely focused urge to guard and protect this realm from all others dominates his will, and through this followed a single train of thought. To safeguard this universe, of which he was born alongside, he must understand it on a truly intimate level, and all of those species within it. As such, he has taken a mortal form countless thousands of times, and in each, lived a life to its fullest. Entire existences spent as a simple farmer or a gluttonous noble. Albeit, this staggering pool of knowledge at his fingertips has proven far less useful since the inception of Google.

Khonsu Concept Mooncuck

      Born of the same energies which brought about the birth of the universe, a consciousness possessing great and mystifying energies of the concept of spacetime itself, though to refer to this as his origin is somewhat unreliable, as all things must grow, develop, and learn. It would take billions of years for the entity to truly take shape and mature, the floating being of pure energy floating lifelessly through the void for an eternity, simply watching, learning. Dozens of his kin would do the same, each possessing growing pools of knowledge. These ancient astral spirits would come to be among the oldest entities of the universe, though by no means necessarily the most powerful. There being itself would be one of a great connection to the greater universe, and more importantly, their intrinsic connection to what those of Earth know as 'Dark Matter'. In many ways, it was the same as themselves, free-floating energy, a remnant of a violent universal birth, but deep within, lied strange energies, gateways, rips, tears to other dimensions, other realities, other universes. It was their tie to this that would spark something, something terrifying and awe-inspiring. The oldest race in the known universe had taken billions of years to mature to their infancy, and as they grew and coalesced, they found within them a common enemy.

The War in Heaven
   Strange entities began to pass between realities of these universal rips, some little more than passive learners, silent watchers, and curious scholars. Some yet still were massive malevolent entities, seeing only a rich young universe to subject their impossibly ancient and terrifying will onto. The young-ancient civilization to which Khonsu found himself belonging found an enemy within them. Billions of years had passed indeed, but they remained as toddlers when their conflict began. Spirits of the stars, of this universe and others, would begin a struggle to dominate their will and pursue their goals over this infantile existence, leaving those within to struggle to exert their own will. Khosnu himself would prove uniquely adept at this task, one which the entity of cosmic energies would pursue single-mindedly as if it were his very purpose. So their civilization, if it could be called that, acted. The ancient sentient energies moved against those who they deemed to have such a hostile intent, or even still, those of the twisted dark voids in this universe, where there exists nothing to learn from, to grow off of, just that to distant lust for. To put it all into context for mortal minds is impossible, the sheer understanding of the scope of the action is mind-boggling even for Entities such as Khonsu himself. He simply knew his purpose, cease the endless tide of the Eldrich.

First Encounters of a Human Kind
    Millions of years after commencing his task, meeting varied levels of success, the spirit found himself attracted to a strange blue-marble in a far-flung corner of the Milky Way, a medium sized galaxy to which Khonsu had already spent within a considerable time. Here a maturing Khonsu would find a young matter-based species growing out of the earliest possible imaginable level of development, tortured and berated by minor-entities slipped through the fabric of reality. So he would do as many times he had done before, he would take mortal form and purge this world, as he had done so many others. The inhabitants would come to hail him as the god of the moon, a being of two forms, corporeal and ethereal, the guardian of time, the banisher of spirits. While not entirely an appreciated move, Khonsu did learn from this the all-important lesson of subtlety, though some dark, twisted part of him craved it, reveled in it, and longed for more, to dominate this universe was in the very fabric of his being, and it was an urge which must be resisted paramount. One thing did, however, surprise him, Khonsu's 'species' found itself organized into loose castes, based not off of what one did or followed, but of the nature of their existence. Khonsu himself, was actually, in fact, deeply died to lunar bodies and their formation and behavior, an apt judgment on behalf of the primitives, which to him, hinted at something far deeper than a simple corporeal existence within them. In the end, this would result in making them among his favorite of the younger species, and one he would spend centuries watching. Occasionally checking in, like an overbearing mother - maybe they needed snacks.

Modern Day
  Once more the cosmic entity known as Khonsu would return to Earth, for a reason other than his usual friendly pit-stop, this time he'd come to work. Some humans were beginning to emit displays of massive capability and power, it was a sign that they were maturing, as once did his own species. This usually, would not be a problem, but a deep terror filled him when thinking of this species which he had grown so fond of. A deep sense of malevolence, the kind he had spent billions of years attuning himself to. Many great evils would soon befall his beloved blue speck, the solution was simple. He would stay here, take the mortal form of a Human to conceal himself, and wait. After all, when you're 13.8 Billion years old, you get very, very good at waiting.

tl;dr Astral Spirit / Eldrich Ghost Buster with a fondness for Earth taken mortal form to fight a growing darkness he feels surrounding the planet. Once hailed by the Ancient Egyptians as the god of the moon, Khonsu.
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Khonsu Concept
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