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Bronzy's Roster Birdpoop

Your Name: Bronzy
Link Your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BronzyCoder/

Character Name: Braylon Green

Character Alias (If Applicable): Blackbird

Character Age: 33

Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.): Blackbird

Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture):

Blackbird Costume
: The costume worn by Braylon is surprisingly protective despite not restricting his mobility - protecting him from bullets, bladed weapons and various forms of blunt force trauma.

Projectiles: Braylon carries various bladed weapons and projectiles in different shapes in order to dislodge, cut, stab or confuse an opponent.

Grenades: Including smoke pellets, gas grenades, flashbangs and even demolition charges for use on structures, Green carries all manner of grenades for various uses.

Protection Equipment: Various equipment used to protect Braylon for environmental hazards, the most common being a small rebreather able to fit over his mask that provides protection from gases.

Other: Although not used at all times, Green has many other equipment and weapons stockpiled in safehouses for use in certain situations or plans.

Character Powers/Skills:

Superhuman Senses: Blackbird, despite his lack of sight can use all of his other senses to detect and understand the environment around him to an incredible degree - the most sensitive being his sense of touch. His tactile senses are enough that he can tell differences in handwriting and materials through touch as well as feel changes in pressure around him through mere concentration.

Peak Human Strength: Green's strength has been noted in the many urban legends surrounding him after his intial foray into vigilante work. He has been reported to easily lift up full-grown men and toss them over his head, easily force down reinforced doors and overpower the infamous Great White.

Peak Human Speed and Agility: Braylon's speed is near that if not equivalent to an Olympic level athlete, having been shown to move out of the way of bullets and leap over a speeding motorcycle.
Enhanced Reflexes: Showing beyond regular human capabilities when it comes to his reflexes, Green has actually been observed catching knives thrown by an expert assassin and avoiding gunfire at near point blank range.

Master Martial Artist: Argued as being one of the top combatants in the world, Braylon has received training not only from his military and special forces background, but intense training in Tibet and other remote regions of the world with various masters, funded by an unknown benefactor. He is noted to have taken down an entire SWAT team in seconds using hand-to-hand techniques and easily disabled a fellow Green Beret working for organized crime that attacked him from behind. His style is a mix of various disciplines of Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Judo, Capoeira, Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, Ninjitsu and Krav Maga.

Indomitable Will: Often decried as stubbornness or plain stupidity, Green's will and determination has been shown on many occasions. He has never broken to torture based on his own physical or mental anguish, nor has he ever given up pursuit of a criminal he is investigating. His tenaciousness was on particular display in his initial encounter with the villainous Phoenix, continuing to fight without panic despite being on fire. His training and meditative techniques taught to him by eastern masters are thought to have contributed to this.

Expert Marksman: Braylon has shown exceptional marksmanship ever since his Ranger days - after his extensive training, he has displayed tremendous accuracy with all manners of throwing weapons and improvised projectiles, and even in archery. Though well-trained and honed in the use of guns, he rarely uses them, citing their noisiness and difficulty to control as the reasons why.

Expert Detective: A combination of his superhuman sense of smell and taste as well as his training in special forces methodology and his more exotic instruction makes Green one of the better trackers that can be found. He has displayed a surprising knowledge of forensics and investigation, though he is not licensed or qualified in any form and is unlikely to be described as an expert, yet.

Multilingual: Green speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Farsi.

Expert Tactician: Braylon displays an incredible aptitude for tactical and strategic analysis along with his critical thinking; he has previously outwitted multiple highly-trained teams of SWAT personnel, trained assassins and even a telepath reading his mind.

Expert Military Operator: Years of special-forces level experience have left Braylon capable and proficient in most forms of military operation, including direct assaults, reconaissance, intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence, logistics, demolition and squad tactics.

Weapon Mastery: As a combination of all his training and experience in the military and far east, Braylon is proficient with many forms of melee weapons, including swords, knives, glaives, polearms, staves, staffs, clubs and maces along with more exotic weapons such as tonfas or nunchucks.

Stealth: Braylon's special forces training and instincts, along with his ability to predict an enemy's route and movements have helped him become an expert in Stealth.

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is: A former Green Beret and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, wounded with injuries that permanently removed his sight. He would develop superhuman senses, his body seeming to do it in reaction to the loss of his eyes before he fought his way out of captivity. After returning to the States and being contacted by a mysterious benefactor, he is given rigorous and intensive training in all kinds of disciplines, and returns to Chicago as a costumed crime-fighter carrying the mantle of one who did the same before him.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):

Born in Chicago in 1974 to a single-parent household in Riverdale, considered one of the worst areas for crime and unemployment in the entire city, Braylon did not have many chances in life. From a young age he was getting into fights and associating with small 'gangs' of hoodlums and vandals, though was never caught and convicted of any real crime. He seemed to be heading in a downward direction until his mother had him enrolled with the United States Army Cadet Corps when he was 13. He learned discipline, respect and his previously almost vicious temper seemed to cool down, though he could have been described as more uptight than anything else during his time in the Cadets. At 18, he enlisted with the United States Army, and scored so highly on his Aptitude testing that he was immediately singled out as a Special Forces candidate. He was recommened to volunteer for the 75th Ranger Regiment, being accepted for training after his scores came through and pushing himself through, being noted as someone with a large amount of raw talent, though lacking in experience of life.

Braylon was repeatedly noticed for his capabilities and surprising show of leadership skills despite his young age, and was made Corporal at the young age of 21, and eventually Sergeant at 24. He continued to impress, and eventually volunteered for the Green Berets. Surprising the officers and especially fellow grunts that knew him, he was accepted based on his scoring and his exceptional performance during the rigorous and difficult training he was put through. He took part in various operations, some at this point still classified to the public. At times, missions that he was assigned to were joint operations alongside a group of Navy SEALs, including one named Marcus Williams that he would grow to know quite well - he was more regularly on missions alongside him than other members of the SEALs, developing a sense of camraderie with him. After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, Green's squad was one of the first groups sent into Afghanistan.

Green was eventually made an Intelligence Sergeant and promoted to Staff Sergeant and then Sergeant First Class in quick succession. He became an experienced special forces operator, although his career would be cut short during a joint operation in 2002. Infiltrating a building controlled by Taliban forces, they were led into a trap and explosives detonated all over the building. Paired with Marcus, Braylon was seperated from him by a short distance but didn't have the chance to see what had happened to him before an explosion blew him out of a window and he was knocked unconscious upon striking the ground. He was the only survivor of both the Green Beret and SEAL teams, and he (as well as Marcus, as he would later find out) was reported MIA, having been captured by enemy forces while on the ground. He was held near a training camp and was intended as a test for promising interrogations specialist - however, they found that whatever torture he was put through, Green refused to break, even after at one point his eyes were cut out from his face.

He spent months under torture and in his small cell, and over time without sight found he could hear, smell and taste things he hadn't been able to, at a level he had never experienced before. He could feel when his guards were moving around the cell, and in some cases whether they were sweating particularly bad that day. He eventually found a way to undo his bindings, and waiting for one of his torturers to enter, he took him down along with his guards with surprising ease, finding that he was able to feel and understand exactly what was going on around him. Unable to find his own weapons, he instead opted for the enemy's, finding the nearby training camp. In his anger and fury at the deaths of his friends along with the torture he had suffered, he planned and eventually launched a coordinated ambush on the training camp; making it seem like there were more combatants than there actually were, confusing the enemy combatants. Using his training and new-found abilities, he made his way around and through the camp, killing all of the Taliban forces he could find, the rest fleeing the scene.

After his hectic night, Braylon rested and moved on. He continued to hunt and harrass Taliban forces for over 3 months despite his injuries, before he was eventually found by Canadian troops who stopped by in the area, and had him returned to the American Army and shipped home. He was treated for his injuries as best he could, but kept quiet about what he had experienced, and was still experiencing. He didn't think anyone would believe him about what he was aware of; that they'd think he was embellishing for the sake of glory. He got it anyway though, as he was awarded the Purple Heart, Prisoner of War Medal and the Medal of Honour for his actions in Afghanistan. However, his disability plagued him and he was unable to get a job, though the benefits he received as a maimed veteran allowed him to continue living semi-comfortably in Chicago, though he was glad to be out of his old neighbourhood. Everything changed for him after he received a letter, the sender unnamed. He claimed to be a benefactor, who wanted to help Braylon use his abilities to still keep the peace, still protect the country he had sworn to. Unable to bring himself to refuse, Green decided to take up his offer and be granted equipment and funded training.

Braylon left the United States often at that point, travelling to mainly Europe and Asia to train with various masters of many disciplines, including an unknown group in Tibet known as the Shadow Academy that instructed him in advanced stealth and hand to hand techniques through the use of Ninjiutsu. After he had completed all of his training and returned home, along with being set up with a support agent named Bluetooth, he was given a special gift by his unknown benefactor. It was the suit of a vigilante and activist named Blackbird, mainly known for standing up for the civil rights of African-Americans in the days of Martin Luther King. Deciding it would be a fitting name to take up, Green kept the suit, though had Bluetooth make some specific goggles to fit over the space that his eyes would usually occupy.

He would stay as somewhat of an urban myth in Chicago for a while until mainstream media began to cover him along with another vigilante named 'Iron Hand' that he occasionally worked with, though their styles seemed to clash due to Iron Hand's more violent and lethal nature. His seeming acceptance of a younger partner named Magpie would also bolster his reputation in the eyes of the public and eventually the criminal underworld after the murder of Magpie by the Great White left the mutated gangster with almost every bone in his body broken and most of his teeth missing, one of them being shoved in his own eye and rendering him unable to see out of it. After gaining more experience as a crime-fighter, he began an on/off relationship with a woman he suspected as an intelligence operative; as much as she spied on him and he allowedi t, he spied on her as much. He eventually learned who she worked for, and was expecting the communication when he was requested by an organization named S.P.E.A.R for a meeting.
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