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 Hailstone Concept

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PostSubject: Hailstone Concept   Hailstone Concept I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 20, 2018 11:35 pm

Your Name: Elz (you don't have to remember)
Link Your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999412333/

Character Name: Hailstone (official given name on Earth)

Character Alias (If Applicable): -

Character Age: around 7 years on Earth, much more spent before arrival

Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.):
Usual appearance nowadays:

Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture): isn't equipped with anything

Character Powers/Skills: Hailstone freely controls water in all three states - liquid, solid and gas. They are able to easily change water between these states. These controlling abilities have been used by Hailstone so far to prevent many natural and man-made emergencies and disasters. Forming huge waves of water and turning them into ice walls, desintegrating all of it into clouds of vapor - all is possible.
However, apart from all the useful and peaceful ways of utilizing their powers, Hailstone is also capable of harm, yet doesn't realize it. People have been comparing Hailstone to an "ice mage", which is not untrue at all. Hailstone could freeze people to the ground, drown them in water, create huge vapor clouds to conceal something, boil someone to death from the outside or inside, but never tried any of that.
Hailstone is also capable of shapeshifting - it is how they achieved their current form, through adapting and observing humans. They could as well try and pretend to be someone else in shape, form, but wouldn't be able to perfectly replicate someone, but could act as a decoy. After all, up close it'd be apparent they're formed of water and such. However, it does mean that Hailstone can turn into liquid water, which has been used by them often in rescue missions. Yet Hailstone is reluctant to try turning into vapor, believing that might wipe him off the face of Earth altogether.
Hailstone's main weakness are their powers and their being as a whole, as it could be used against them by their enemies. Someone with similar abilities could counter Hailstone's powers easily, more advanced heroes and especially magic users, supernatural, otherdimensional and otherworldly creatures have best chances of overpowering Hailstone. They are not able to defy the universe's physics and are tied to their water element.

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is: a chunk of sentient elemental force from outer space that landed on Earth and adapted and developed into a public superhero. Hailstone isn't secretive about anything and doesn't care about the dangers of publicity and participates in it quite often. Hailstone is exclusively a positive image hero that (prior to joining Titans of Earth or encountering their villain) has never fought or used their powers to hurt someone, focusing on public service, rescue missions, environmental issues and emergency relief, despite the fact their abilities could be easily weaponized. At some point, however, it may become clear to Hailstone that they need to learn how to fight back and help other heroes with their quite powerful abilities.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):
Hailstone is, essentially, an elemental sentient being that is made of water. In 2000 they arrived at Earth as a huge chunk of ice which landed in Finland, around Lohja. The crash of the unusual meteor was observed by locals and was investigated by the Finnish Environment Institute in Helsinki. The locals claimed the meteor had already been gone when they found the crash site, and suspected that someone could have stolen it. Scientists investigated the small crater and decided that the object that fell from the sky must have been a megacryometeor, and not actually a meteor from outer space.
Hailstone left the scene soon after landing, curiously exploring everything around them on the new planet. In their liquid water form, they've flown far and wide and all around Finland, travelling slow, steady, but sure and determined to adapt to it. Discovering many of the country's lakes, Hailstone "visited" a lot of them, studying, copying, merging with nature around them. For days, weeks and months Hailstone has been trying to adapt and take the most appropriate form for themselves to explore the planet beyond its ground level. They have seen humans quite often during their initial journey around the country, and have noted the human looks and presence for themselves.
After absorbing tons and tons of knowledge from Earth's nature, and observing its most advanced inhabitants from afar, Hailstone finally achieved their current form, manifesting as a humanoid, yet not too imposing (around 5'3 feet tall or so). The first year on Earth after taking form was spent by Hailstone travelling, studying more of the world they've got into. They were seen multiple times in various parts of the country and reported as a cryptid, but never found and confronted. People could notice the change in weather and some environment in various parts of the country - studying their own abilities, Hailstone has frozen and unfrozen many lakes, played around with water, made their own new river and streams along the way.
The next several years on Earth were tough, as Hailstone tried to make contact with humans, directly confronting some people he's met, scaring or confusing them initially. It was around that time that it ocurred to Hailstone - they needed to do something to gain recognition amongst humans, good reputation. The word spread of a weird, mysterious person who would share water with anyone they met, who would save people drowning in lakes, help fishermen, etc. Mass media in the country got interested in the rumours and searched for Hailstone - that's when the elemental visitor gladly agreed to interact. People were excited about the mysterious being and were still wary of their presence, yet weren't exactly afraid of them either. More good deeds were done by Hailstone in those years, and they were later approached by researchers and scientists, as well as even governmental officials interested in utilizing Hailstone for their various needs.
The elemental let everyone have a piece of them - participated in experiments, helped with research and explained their origins to the government, yet each time humans tried to do something Hailstone didn't like, they would just liquify and disappear, slip out of human hands. No one could stop Hailstone from doing whatever they wanted - travel, help around and explore, study the planet. With time, the being felt even more and more connected to Earth, its environment. They were growing much stronger.
Emergency relief services, rescuers and more scientists got interested in Hailstone, and suggested they come on a voyage or two in the sea, joined several expeditions, which the elemental visitor gladly did. Many disasters were prevented by Hailstone in the next several years as they gained more and more popularity, appeared on television in talk shows, series on environment and nature, educational show, emergency safety trainings. By 2007, Hailstone is capable manipulating huge bodies of ice and water, able to prevent floods or drought in countries, rescue people from emergency situations on water, etc. Hailstone was given an official name by the government and proudly accepted it. They were never forced to fight anyone and never agreed to do anything they didn't want to do - their main goal was still to help, protect and explore more. However, that could soon change, as rampant nature - floods, tsunamis, storms aren't the only things that people need protection from so often.

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Hailstone Concept
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