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 Eidolon - The Questioning Hand

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PostSubject: Eidolon - The Questioning Hand   Eidolon - The Questioning Hand I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 2:18 pm

Eidolon - The Questioning Hand YPCzDNS

The Eidolon

The Questioning Hand

Issue #1

Helmand Province, Afghanistan, December 2006
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Eidolon - The Questioning Hand V2ZVyVx

The one true King
December 2006

In this world, there are consequences to everything. On Earth, nothing goes unnoticed. There is always a being much more powerful watching over your every step.

The Eidolon's journey ended on Earth. A peculiar planet attracting many entities to it. The being of the void must've been sure - none of its kind has ever reached this unusual paradise of feeling, intelligent beings, filled with emotion, perfect for study. Yet the visitor from the void was wrong. It took several years to sense its presence on Earth, yet it all succeeded. It was only a matter of time and methods til the two beings would meet face-to-face.

The Eidolon favoured Afhanistan, and spent a lot of time there - that's what its silent observer on Earth knew. The observer felt uneasy, felt threatened by the presence of another of its kin. Something had to be done. Something that wouldn't leave the Eidolon indifferent, disinterested. The observer knew - the newcomer from the void favoured humans much more, at least more than the first visitor. And it was a being much more curious than the one that's spent ages on Earth, shaping it to its liking, terrorizing and torturing, rewarding and betraying, fooling and controlling its life.

Harsh, harsh world, torn by wars, yet it all made sense. A bigger figure behind each pawn had a reason that humans themselves would, to a certain extent, understand. Yet what was about to occur would be much, much different. For it was intended not for mere humans to interpret, but for the Eidolon itself.

Mindless, selfless, fearless, souless - such were the people captured by TV cameras, mobile phones, by accident or intentionally, under the fear of death or the horror of misinformation. They appeared suddenly, it could never be predicted who would be next to join the Kingsworn, the most dangerous militant cult of the 21st century so far. Foreign soldiers, militants, terrorists, bandits, traders, civilians, children, the elderly, animals - all bowed down and obeyed, one after another, suddenly, sacrificing their life for the greater cause unknown. They had no demands, they had no purpose, their being was violence, their life was bloodshed.

Only months later, after many bloody battles, international powers struggling to stop the Kingsworn spread, the terrifying group stated its demands.

A young man held his weapon in one hand, with another he pointed to a piles of corpses spread along the road. The cameraman held it the image steady. It wasn't intended for television, yet the media has also pledged allegiance to the Kingsworn.

'Do you see this? Mountains of flesh. We don't need this, do we? This is not entertaining whatsoever. Creatures of flesh, belonging to the one and only King, you make them suffer! All because you appeared. Do you wish for them to suffer like this? Leave, or confront the King. Negotiations with lowly creatures are forbidden. It's a business to be settled between the King, and the Usurper,' the man said, staring into the camera, lifeless, yet his voice was full of hate. The being standing behind him, pulling the strings, wanted the Eidolon, and no one else. An invisible battle was about to come.

The one true King awaited for the Eidolon to show itself.

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Eidolon - The Questioning Hand
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