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 Warden character concept

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PostSubject: Warden character concept   Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:33 pm

Character Name:
Alexej "Alex" Carlyle.

Character Alias:

Character Age:

Character Appearance:
[Faceclaim: Sean Bean]
Alex stands at a solid 6 feet and 1 inch tall with a muscular, dense and somewhat stocky build. His features are dominantly square, with a groomed appearance and simple green eyes. He normally wears simple clothes: jeans with simple shirts and zip-up jumpers, accompanied with a watch, or alternatively his business attire: a simple, well-fitting suit with a tie. His superhero outfit is normally just what he's wearing with a balaclava on and the sleeves pulled up.

Character Equipment:
[Balaclava:] A simple woolen black balaclava, with a hole for each eye and no hole for the mouth.

Character Powers/Skills:
[Hyperperception:] Alex perceives the world around him at an incredible, superhuman speed speed, both in visually noting what's going on around him and processing it within his mind - his reaction time is barely a fraction of a second. The closest example would be that he perceives the world in slow motion, but in reality he's simply incredibly fast.

[Hyperproprioception:] Alex has an uncanny, superhuman perception of the locations, strength exerted, and other details of his limbs, tendons, and other parts of his body; as a result, he moves incredibly quickly, and is capable of very accurately and very powerfully moving as may be required. Paired with his hyperperception, the two form a unique combination where he can literally evade bullets, and move and react faster than what can be perceived by an average human; it's not uncommon for a criminal to throw a punch or slash with a knife to simply be on the ground barely a second after.

[Teleportation:] Alex, with a fixed image of the location in mind and granted time to focus and channel, can teleport himself and who he may be touching to another location. The mental strain this inflicts, up to loss of consciousness and even coma in the instance of a teleportation across a worldly distance, is dependent on how many people he's bringing with him and how far he's teleporting. A simple teleport to a place he can see - such as, behind a foe is fighting - is fast and about as tiring as picking up a briefcase, whereas teleporting himself and two others to another city may leave him exhausted, with further requirements bringing on more dire consequences. He uses this ability in fights to teleport around foes, where many simply believe he's moving so fast he can't be perceived.

[Martial Arts Master:] Alex is a master of several martial arts which he applies in combat with his already present abilities. He teaches martial arts classes across Bainbridge Island.

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is:
superspeedy martialarts man that can teleport. is opposed to murder but isn't beyond deeming someone an "exception" - ie he'll beat up the common thug but will endeavor to kill the evil overlord who murdered children; is particularity sensitive with women and children in this regard, with memory to his wife and love for his daughter.

Alexej was born and raised in Seattle as the middle of three, with an older sister and younger brother. His powers - with the exception of teleporting -manifesting throughout his adolescence, which prompted him to start taking lessons in martial arts. Other than effectively cheating in his basketball tournaments, his adolescence was almost entirely unaffected.

After finishing studying high school teaching at university, Alexej went on to move to Bainbridge Island and worked as a high school teacher, where he taught Sport, Health, and English. It was at this school where he met the love of his life, at the time Ieva Astrauckas - a science teacher and vice principal, who he went on to marry. The two had a single child, Cecile, with another planned before tragedy struck: Ieva was killed in an armed robbery in an alcohol store gone wrong; Cecile was only five. Alexej, in his grief, discovered his teleportation powers when he desperately wished to be done during a day struggling teaching at school and found himself by his fridge. Realizing exactly what he was capable of, he tracked down and killed Ieva's murderer by means of beating him to death with one of his own golf clubs. This was the first, arguably most brutal and one of the few lethal actions of Warden.

After some time off work on personal leave, Alex found himself dealing with his grief from losing his wife by carrying out vigilante work. By day he was a high school teacher with an uncanny nack for high-speed sports, but by night he was a Warden: a masked vigilante that rarely speaks, who seeks out the crimes that don't make it to his police. He's particular about keeping his identity a secret, with the only person who knows being one of his sports students, who he rescued from a particularly nasty rape and mugging incident. Some other teachers, some other students and Cecile are all suspicious, as he has returned with bruises and such with vague explanations, and the exploits of Warden are known throughout Bainbridge Island and surrounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Warden character concept   Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:13 pm

bump for completion
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PostSubject: Re: Warden character concept   

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Warden character concept
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