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 The Viridian Knight Concept (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Viridian Knight Concept (WIP)   The Viridian Knight Concept (WIP) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2016 11:27 pm

Your Name: Rougespartan181
Link Your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rougespartan181
Character Name: Sir William Anstruther
Character Alias: The Viridian Knight
Character Age: 57
Character Appearance:
Dat Face:
Normally seems to be 6'2" but stands at 6'5" when he stands straight. He possesses piercing blue eyes, fully grayed hair, and a balanced, well toned musculature favouring bulk muscles for the most part. Has a severe limp in his left leg and walks with a cane. Has a moderate Scottish accent.
Character Equipment:
Umbran Ducit:
Aurem Sagax:
Aegis Viride:

Character Powers/Skills: William has severe experience and training in the use of a sword and its related skills, has a very athletic build, trained reflexes, and is able to summon an ancient sword and a set of ethereal armour. To summon these tools, William has learned to focus the power of his soul and spirit, which is required to make use of his equipment. Relative to the amount of energy he puts into the armour and related arms, his speed and strength increases, as well as the armour's ability to withstand and protect William from damage. The witnessed milestones of enhancement being double his abilities at a basic level of soul strain, three times his abilities at a higher level of strain, and finally four times his abilities at his limit of strain. His protection levels increasing in tandem, starting at being able to withstand a forcefully swung sledgehammer with impunity, increasing to bullet proofing at the higher level, ending with being able to withstand a point blank grenade blast at his maximum. His sword as well is capable of having increased power as he exudes his spirit into the blade, he is able to increase it's cutting strength beyond it's normal function, maxing out at being able to cut through the front armour of a modern battle tank. Each stage of his powers and different abilities requiring different levels of focus and certain phrases to be uttered and as he progresses through his varying levels of strength and ability, his spirit becomes weakened, the greater the strength he exhibits, the quicker his soul weakens.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each): The power of the Viridian Knight dates back to the 7th century, beginning with an ancient tale of Druids and a Champion of Old. It's story progressing through the ages in different aspects and varying roles, but always is the power wielded by one that descended from that long forgotten Warrior. Rising up through the fog of history, the Viridian Knight has been invariably tied to a single clan of Scotland, the Anstruther Clan. Throughout its enduring existence the power of the Viridian Knight has changed along with the times, starting as a mere sword, changing to a gauntlet, and finally coalescing into a whole suit of armour, these changes coming about at pivotal times in the history of the Clan. Always the power has been conveyed from Father to Son, never leaving the family, each Father training his Son the ways of the Knight before the strength is passed on. With such a serious power being held in one place, by the same group of people, the Anstruther Clan has become a point of interest to many throughout history, bringing awe, allies, and animosity in equal measure. Several times there have been those who have attempted to steal the power, invariably these attempts end in failure, death, and destruction. Many have attempted to forge an alliance with the Clan, the only lasting of which has been a loose arrangement with the Kingdom of Britain, in 1598 Marcas Anstruther made a pact with James VI King of the Scots, promising the services of the Viridian Knight in exchange for political freedom under his impending rulership, the agreement saw the King crowned for the entirety of the British Isles 5 years later. The Anstruther Clan and the various leaders of the United Kingdom have kept this relationship relatively the same since then, barring a few complications. The Viridian Knight has averted disaster many times throughout history, never being publicized due to the Clan's wishes, and now the Gauntlet has passed on to a new fist.

Born to Richard and Christina Anstruther in 1950, William was hailed as a exceptional son, being large and hardy. William quickly took to the physical aspect of his tutoring, always trying to run faster, lift more, and swing harder. Never without complications, he ended up getting in trouble more often than not in his early youth, stealing an Uncle's sword at 8, breaking an instructor's leg at 12, and breaking his own arm at 15. Always he excelled at surpassing even his own expectations whenever he set new goals, at least when sword techniques and athleticism were concerned. From the beginning William had struggled with focusing his mind upon the coalescing of the his spirit and soul, necessary for the summoning of the Viridian Knights powers, a recurring issue with his early life. Much of his life was his father spent time abroad carrying out a myriad of actions, often in connection with the ERD or S.P.E.A.R. it was later called, though the times that Richard was at home he spent it most with his son, catching up on his progress, both in training and life. When he was 25, William's Grandfather died, a man that had always been around for William, aiding him in things he couldn't surpass on his own, his death changed William dramatically, always having been impatient, he had never truly focused on the spiritual side of his training, never managing to manifest any part of the Viridian Knight. For a whole month William pushed himself in way he never had before, feeling his mind burgeon with newfound power, he stole the Gauntlet in the middle of the night, managing to manifest the full armour and sword, his soul swelling with pride, he stuck out into the dark, British air.

Driven on by a deep set instinct seeming to flow from the armour, William quickly made his way toward an unknown destination. Ever feeling a stronger pull towards an inexplicable sense of danger, his heart beat faster and his head started to spin, unknowingly William was drawing more and more energy from the armour, draining his spirit and without the experience to control it, he was feeling the I'll effects almost immediately. Before he could think twice about what he was doing, all of a sudden his senses focused and the feeling of danger solidified into a certainty as he came upon a group of rampaging Demons, without even an instant of deliberation William charged headlong into peril, a great and wild warcry sounding from his lungs. He could remember nothing after that part of the encounter afterwards, waking in the hospital with severe and widespread injuries, he could only ever remember a single red face, female and full of contempt. It took several months before William had fully healed, having aches the whole while, he never thought anything of the pain in his left knee, it was only after every other pain had gradually faded away did William begin worrying. After extensive testing his doctors concluded that he had irreversible nerve damage in his left knee. Crushed by the news, it was quite some time before William started getting himself back in the best of shape he could, with the use of specialized exercise equipment, he managed to return his body to its previous strength, including his legs. At first William was able to cope by merely limping and favouring his left side, but over the years as he perfected his skills and served the nation and Crown, he was forced to resort to using a cane as the damage continued to accumulate. With the bad so came the good as well, as is the nature of life, Williams abilities only increased after that first, ill-fated night. Developing many new skills and perfecting the old ones, he became to be known as a prodigiously dangerous being, being officially knighted by the Crown only 4 years after he first donned the armour. And so his life continues to trend until this day.
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The Viridian Knight Concept (WIP)
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