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 Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers)

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Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers) Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers)   Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 9:22 am

Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers) ZPQAp4U


The idea here is to make a casual, invite only, original universe Super Hero themed role play. Anyone can make who they like and roleplay them as they like, villains heroes and whatever in between, the object is to enjoy ourselves in our own playground without stressing so much over it. To start, we're going to be focusing on a single set of heroes, our Justice League / Avengers, and progressing their story both as individuals and as a group and how it effects the world around them. In structure, think of this like the Marvel Cinematic universe as it currently is. Each hero has their own movies with their own plots, which can cross and connect with each other and at times connect in one big mashup. Each hero has his own plot lines, villains, heroes, and other characters, just as much as the group itself and the world does. For example, Captain America has Bucky and Falcon as well as his own villains in Hydra, just as Tony Stark has Rhody, Pepper Pots, and villains in the Mandarin and the Ten Rings. These side characters and villains will also be played by the players, nobody will be restricted to a single character if they don't want to be. For example, Pundii may be playing his multi armed demigod for the main group, but also an anti hero for Bronzy's hero's own plot lines, just like Bronzy also has his own hero but will be playing Ferris' nemesis at the same time. To this end we can pretty much make whatever comic book like world we want, wherein everyone has their own cast of heroes and villains they play which is interconnected to everything else as it wants to be. Each person will direct their own plot lines with the addition of whomever is playing as their villains and side characters with the very loose supervision of myself and Bronzy, to ensure that things don't get out of hand. As a disclaimer, your stories are your own, we just want to resolve any issues and ensure that this roleplay doesn't turn into constantly trying to 1up each other DBZ style, which is a slippery slope when people can make theoretically whatever character they want. Also, to ensure people actually have read this, pm me the phrase 'Cap's hat on a black cat' before you post your character concept, since this post is a mandatory read to ensure everyone is on the same page. As of now there is no limit to the characters any one person can make, all I ask is that people commit to maintaining the characters they do have and be sure to not take on more than they can handle. I wouldn't like to hear about how someones' story is getting held up because someone else is committing to a character they made vital to the plot line. As well, I would like everyone to keep an accurate roster of their own characters, and to ensure their characters remain as powerful as they are to begin with for the sake of continuity. We all know a lot of comics have issues with making characters that are only as powerful as the plot requires them to be. As well, always be sure to ask the leader of a plot line if you can make a character for it, and work with them to make everything fit in the best possible way that's fun for everyone. Also, feel free to invite whoever you trust and think would be interested, the larger the universe the better. That said, don't go spreading news about this roleplay willy nilly, lest certain types of people we are all familiar with start to knock on the door.

If you have any questions, direct them to myself or Bronzy.

Also keep in mind that this post may be revised and re written as circumstances change or as I find better ways to word things.  
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Introduction to Titans of Earth (Mandatory Read for First Timers)
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