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PostSubject: Howling Coyote   Howling Coyote I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2016 4:58 am

Your Name: Deejay
Link Your Steam Profile:

Character Name: Alo Coleman
Character Alias (If Applicable): Howling Coyote
Character Age: 29
Appearance: (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.): Alo is a nondescript Native American male standing at around five foot eight. His body type is on the slimmer side and he weighs around 160 pounds. His physical features, posture, and general appearance could be best described as 'animistic', a side effect of his relationship with magic.

Character Powers/Skills:

The Shamanic Mask In tribal cultures before the Awakening, shamans wore masks to symbolize their totems. While wearing the totem’s mask, the shaman was the totem incarnate. Now, physical masks are no longer needed. When a shaman uses magical skills, features associated with the totem become apparent. This is called the shamanic mask. The more powerful the magic, the more noticeable the traits become. For example, if an Eagle shaman were to perform some minor magic, her features might seem to take on a sharper cast, or her chants might resemble an eagle’s cry. For more powerful magic, the shaman’s eyes might look like those of a raptor, or her fingers might appear like crooked claws. For the most demanding magic, the shaman’s features could be entirely obscured by the image of a mighty eagle’s head and wings.

Alo's relationship with the Coyote is reflected within his Shamanic Mask, becoming more beastly the more he pulls power from his Totem. The Coyote's influence grants an increase in speed and stamina to near superhuman levels, and augments his intelligence and cunning to match that of his Totem spirit.

Shamanic Magic: Alo is an awakened practitioner of magic who pulls his magical ability though his bound with the Coyote, the trickster spirit of Navajo culture. Though the Coyote's power, Alo can manipulate raw magical power into physical form- such as fire or lightning. As a Shaman, Alo can also summon and bound magical spirits to his will either as a separate entity or consuming the spirit to augment his own strength.  

Magic Lore: The Howling Coyote has achieved mastery over the concept of magic and has a deep understanding of how the power of magic should behave in most situations.

Spirit Lore: As a shaman Alo has had plenty of experiences with the spirits of nature and the souls of the dead. Therefore this character has a solid grasp on the behavior of spirits, what keeps then tethered, and their relationship with magic.

Police training. As a former tribal policeman, Alo has above average skills in hand to hang combat and marksmanship as well as an in-depth knowledge of police procedures.  

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is:

Alo is going to be a first generation Shaman, tied under the power of the Coyote spirit.  A shaman’s magic comes from the power of nature and the spirit world (the astral plane). Tribal cultures around the world practice shamanism. When the Awakening brought magic to the world, native shamans were some of the first to successfully wield it. To a shaman, the world is filled with living spirits, powers the shaman calls on for magical aid. Shamans are in tune with the natural flow of the energies of life and magic.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each): I'll fill this in fam
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Howling Coyote
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