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 Super cool official announcement thingo

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PostSubject: Super cool official announcement thingo   Super cool official announcement thingo I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2016 2:08 pm

So Ferris and Deejay are taking too damn long to finish their thing and as such, we're probably going to start without them.

We'll start doing shit officially Sunday the 26th of June in the Year of Our Lord 2016.

Weather or not we are joined by incredibly slow parties depends on weather or not they bother to join by then.

The first wave so to speak is intended to be your characters' "Year 1" roleplay. Think of this as your first comic book series, first movie, that sort of thing. As such, I recommend people start thinking up plot lines and inviting people into their story to play side characters/heroes/villains and what not. The primary characters will not be interacting with each other /yet/, except in such a situation as it is necessary. Keep in mind that the plot of your Year 1 is entirely dependent on you and the people you invite to your roleplay, in other words I'm not going to be 'GMing' for everyone. Also keep in mind that nogs are not allowed to role play their own nemesis' cause then, what'd be the point?
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Super cool official announcement thingo
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