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 retard sandwich fucker

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big boy soup

big boy soup

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PostSubject: retard sandwich fucker   Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:50 am

the theme of kurt angle hits and it look like kurt angle going to get mad and fight

roddy piper: "i cant believe its kurt angle"

john ross: "i dont blame you"

kurt angle walks down to the ring looking mad and gets in to speak with his microphone

kurt angle: "motherfucker motherfucker how are you doing motherfucker, this is your latest and greatest world champion because all the older ones have acl injuries even the one i beat."

the crowd is very upset

kurt angle: "shut the fuck up crowd or else im going to whip your fuck ass"

crowd is more upset

kurt angle: "im really mad now time to die"

kurt angle pulls out an assault rifle from his singlet, and shoots lillian garcia. he then begins to fire into the air full automatic, while everyone's scared.

kurt angle: "what up nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!"


its roman reigns and he has a katana in his hand is looking very angry

john ross:
"its roman reigns!"

roddy piper: "no its not shit head"

fucking run shithead kurt angle, here comes roman reigns and he's going to give you a vasectomy with his katana. some fans dont like him, and decide to get their guns out to try and kill him but roman reigns has backstage pull and cant die

kurt angle:
"little roman reigns nigger for fuck sake go die in kansas"

roman reigns: "im not going to do that kurt, ive come to kill you and you will die just like jbl"

kurt angle almost dies by the katana swing from roman reigns but he instead guns down roman reigns and leaves him in a pool of his own blood

kurt angle: "goodbye im leaving"

kurt angle walks off and little bastard nugget roman reigns is dead

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PostSubject: Re: retard sandwich fucker   Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: retard sandwich fucker   Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:49 pm

the book was better
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PostSubject: Re: retard sandwich fucker   

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retard sandwich fucker
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