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 Arkhangel Concept

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PostSubject: Arkhangel Concept   Arkhangel Concept I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2016 5:56 pm

Your Name: Soup

Link Your Steam Profile:


Character Name: Arkhangel

Character Alias (If Applicable): N/A

Character Age: 35

Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.):



Arkhangel, publicly known as Dr. Miron Kosyak, stands at the height of six-foot-two, he holds himself with a muscular, mesomorph-like build, once a much more lean build. His skin tone would come with a slight tint of paleness to it, complementing this complexion with a pair of deep blue eyes. His hair would be a flowing, long blonde hairstyle; before his stroke, Miron Kosyak was a far more groomed-looking individual, his hair more clean cut. Alas, now, where he once he wore a cleanly shaven face, now adorns a scruffy, unkempt stubble due to his new unstable tendencies.

In uniform, Arkhangel's equipment and costume come in the dual colors of white and crimson-red. In the middle of his body, there would be a white tabard with a large red Christian Cross. With this tabard, is a connected hood, in which this covers the top part of his head. This hood is complemented by a crimson-red face mask, which is also a respirator. The rest of his body is draped in various types of padding and chain mail. Simultaneously, his gauntlets are reinforced by this particular type of padding as well.

Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture):

- Arkhangel's Suit (Will be elaborated upon)

- Arkhangel's Utility Belt (Will be elaborated upon)

- Vanquisher: Vanquisher, as designed and dubbed by Arkhangel, is a High-density Ossedium(a compound developed and produced by Dr. Miron Kosyak)-based, electromagnetically-powered longsword.

Character Powers/Skills:

- Unique Physiology/Metahuman Strength, Stamina, Senses, and Durability: Following a stroke, Arkhangel has seemingly pseudoscientifically unlocked a portion of his brain that has allowed him to physically perform at a level past peak-human potential. This includes an ageless physique, and presumably, a longer lifespan. It's theorized by those that wish doom upon him, that he's capable of lifting an excess of 1-2 tons. In multiple firsthand testimonies from Arkangel, he is convictionally-certain that his newfound aptitude as a divine liaison to dispense the wrath of God.

- Genius Intelligence + Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Physics & Applied Mathematics: Prior to his stroke, Doctor Miron Kosyak might've been the very definition of a polymath. On top of achieving both a doctorate in chemical engineering, physics, and applied mathematics prior to his stroke, Doctor Miron Kosyak was born with an outstanding level of intelligence, and based on the level of his vigilante activities, its presumed he still withholds this level of intelligence. This intellect allows to be a magnifier for a broad view of intellectual activities, such as tactical analysis, or escapology.

- Pain Resistance: Whether it be through his newfound insanity or through a divine blessing, Arkhangel withholds an absurd capacity against the broad concept of pain. Even further so, it is theorized by his enemies that he's able to turn his pain receptors off at will.

- Indomitable Will: With the Zealotry of his newfound religious fervor, once actively applied, Arkhangel seems to be completely indomitable in his will and efforts.
- Hand-to-Hand Combat: Even in his youth, Arkhangel was a fervent student of martial arts; enjoying the calm before the calculated chaos, as well as requiring it to defend himself in a cutthroat Communist Moscow, as taught by his childhood mentor, Chugun. Currently, he applies his aforementioned genius-level intellect into mastering more forms of martial arts of all variations and cultures.

- Intimidation

- Multi-Linguism

- Swordsmanship

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is: Essentially, Arkhangel, formerly known as Dr. Miron Kosyak, was a former applied physicist and inventor, after which, following a severe stroke, vigorously and quite convictionally felt that he became compelled on a path by a biblical deity to carve a path of divine vengeance into his enemies, whilst, simultaneously, and seemingly pseudoscientifically, had reached meta-human levels in terms of his physical traits.

In tangent to his real life, Miron Kosyak struggles to keep his life in check. His credibility as a scientist has deteriorated considerably, after being unable to professionally commit to his field of work that's incompetence has been partly blamed for his stroke. He is currently unemployed, living off his immense funds brought by his significant career as a polymath. Alcoholism has also become an issue, as a result of his stroke, and being unable to commit to any long-term romantic relationship.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):

go to hell gamergate i work on it later[/b]
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Arkhangel Concept
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