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 Iron Hand Concept

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Iron Hand Concept CATWS-bucky1_zpscc2a1f16
"Greatness is what you do with the hand you're dealt."
-Victor Sullivan

| Full Name |
Marcus Samuel Williams.

| Nickname |

| Alias |
Iron Hand

| Birth Date |
March 13, 1977

| Age |
30 (Physically 24)

| Species |
Human Cyborg

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| Alignment |
Chaotic Good

Iron Hand Concept Giphy

| In-Depth Appearance |
Marcus has a number of scars, particularly around his cybernetic arm, but also across most of his torso, the majority appear to be from surgeries, but there are a few from shrapnel and bullet wounds. He has a tattoo along the underside of his right forearm, and another from his back left shoulder to the middle of his back, this one is cut in half by the cybernetic arm, however. He has no visible birthmarks or abnormalities, apart from the arm itself.

Marcus' day-to-day outfit is generally designed to make him blend in as much as possible, he generally wears a jacket, long-sleeved shirts and gloves to cover his glaringly obvious left arm. He doesn't put a great deal of effort into looking fashionable, and instead focuses on being comfortable while looking as generic as he can. He'll usually be wearing a cap with his longer hair tucked back, and if not, he'll generally have it up in a small bun or ponytail, so it isn't in his eyes.

Marcus' 'Work' outfit is rather different and far more combat-oriented. His torso is protected by a Kevlar bodysuit and his unaugmented arm is covered, he wears a face-mask to conceal his identity, and a utility belt around his waist holds extra ammunition and equipment.

| Abilities |
Augmented Strength - Marcus' cybernetic arm is custom-made and designed to give him far greater strength, with a little effort, he can easily tear a car door off, or pack much more force into a punch.
Enhanced Reactions - Marcus' has been equipped with a neural implant which allows him heightened senses, increasing his reaction time and making him generally faster to respond to threats, or to adapt in a fight.
The Atlas Formula - The recipient of Iron Eagle's missing dosage of the Atlas Formula in an effort to resurrect him during cryogenic stasis, Marcus has reached the peak of human physicality.

| Equipment |

  • Colt M4a1 SOPMOD rifle, with grenade launcher
  • H&K USP .45 pistol
  • 2 spare .45 magazines for pistol
  • 3 spare 5.56x45mm magazines for rifle
  • A Gerber LHR Combat Knife
  • An iPhone 4S
  • A wallet with $20, US military ID
  • A passport

Iron Hand Concept Winterarm

| Personality Traits |
Serious, Unforgiving, Relentless, Cynical | Kind, Smartass, Courageous, Devoted

| Personality |
Since his augmentation, Marcus has suffered from sort sort of bipolarity. Before his augmentation, and when he isn't working, Marcus is generally a kind individual, easy to be around and befriend, a trustworthy individual who would go to most any end to help people. He is quick to crack a joke, and even quicker to put himself at risk for others or try to offer them some sort of assistance in any way he can. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, easily trusted with any sort of secret. He is an incredibly polite individual as well, fitting the model of an ideal soldier through-and-through, as he's also quite disciplined.

When he is working, and in fact the second he usually puts on his mask, Marcus adopts an entirely different persona. Marcus isn't particularly cruel, but usually shows no remorse when it comes to his enemies, and generally no mercy either. He has no particular moral code which restricts him, and is just as content to kill his enemy as wound them, as was generally his job when he was first augmented. He can be relatively difficult to control when in this sort of phase, and the longer fighting goes on, the worse it generally gets, with Marcus progressively becoming more and more brutal. He can get like this even when not fighting however, and dealing with Marcus at this time is usually rather difficult, as he becomes cynical, mean, and under the general assumption that most people are out to get him.

| Quirks |

  • Particularly reminiscent, Marcus gets lost in the past a lot
  • Marcus likes to take photos, a lot, of pretty much anything
  • He talks in his sleep

| Hobbies |

  • Weapon/Vehicle maintenance
  • Reading, particularly history
  • Drawing, Marcus is surprisingly quite the artist

| Likes |

  • 80s Movies
  • History books
  • 80s Music
  • Spicy food
  • Children
  • Art

| Dislikes |

  • The Military
  • Criminals of any sort
  • His arm/Cybernetics in General
  • Unhealthy food
  • Hot weather
  • Clowns

| Fears |

  • Explosions/Very Loud Noises
  • Drowning
  • Being used by the government again

Iron Hand Concept Tumblr_n9pjrgK31m1rp382io1_500

| Place Of Origin |
Born: Springfield, Illinois
Resides in: Istanbul, Turkey

| Family |
Jake Williams - Father, United States Navy SEAL. Killed in Afganistan. Powerless
Elizabeth Williams - Mother, R&D Specialist at the US Department of Defense. Powerless

| History |
Born into an all-American patriotic family in the quintessential town of Springfield, Illinois, Marcus was brought into the world as the only child of a happily-married couple. His father made sure that Marcus knew from a young age that he would need to uphold a tradition of men in his family, one where all Williams men would serve in the military in some way or another. It was a tradition which Marcus accepted and grew up happy to be a part of. It did not take long for Marcus to decide that he would follow in his father's footsteps as a Navy SEAL as well.

Training throughout much of his young and teenage life, Marcus was ready to, and happily enlisted shortly after graduating from high school. Graduating from Navy SEAL BUD/s training, it wasn't long before Marcus was through all of his training and deployed on his first operations in the Middle East. Assisting local forces in their fight against terrorist forces. Marcus served with relative distinction, being granted a Navy Cross and at one point recommended for a Medal of Honor. He continued to serve for many years effectively, and advanced quickly within the SEAL teams, until he was caught in a large explosion in a terrorist stronghold, and listed as deceased officially.

In reality, Marcus' body was recovered by another team of special forces operators, and brought under the care of a department of defense medical and R&D team, headed by his own mother. This team replaced the majority of Marcus' internal organs which were damaged by the explosion with cybernetic enhancements, as well as replacing his left arm, which was severely burnt in the explosion. The process of bringing Marcus back was a long one, and required his cryogenic freezing for close to seven years for it to be complete. After his 'resurrection' of sorts, Marcus was sent on numerous black ops by the US Military, used to assassinate high-ranking terrorist leaders, and generally sent on lone-wolf high-risk missions. During this period Marcus earned his alias, as the terrorist groups he attacked put up a bounty for his execution or capture, referring to him as 'The Iron Hand'. This continued until Marcus reached the age of 28, when he finally asked to be discharged.

Reluctant to lose their personal killing machine, the department of defense made a deal with Marcus, he would go on one last, incredibly high-risk operation, and if he completed it, he could leave the military. Sent into the Amazon rainforest to clear it of a large terrorist presence, Marcus managed not only to complete the mission, but with significant effort managed to break apart the entire command of the terrorist group, which was played off in the media as a result of 'in-fighting'. Having completed the mission, the military still had no real desire to let Marcus go, and did what they could to make him stay, even threatening him. Only angered by this, Marcus went AWOL and disappeared to Turkey, living in relative obscurity in Istanbul.
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Iron Hand Concept
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