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PostSubject: Iron Eagle Concept   Iron Eagle Concept I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 12:47 am

Your Name: Pinkie
Link Your Steam Profile: Link

Character Name: Luke Felix Baxter
Character Alias (If Applicable): The Iron Eagle
Character Age: 84 (34 Physically)
Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.):Iron Eagle A man resembling the absolute peak of human physical condition, Luke Baxter stands at a sturdy 6'4'' and is broad shouldered bearing a muscular endomorphic form. In uniform, Luke wears a body suit of his own design, a micro mesh outer skin made of woven strands of micro-titanium with hefty armor plates attached on the inside. While not bullet proof, the Iron Eagle's suit offers excellent protection from raw kinetic force and can withstand all but the most advanced of bladed weapons, whilst retaining the maximum possible range of movement. The chest of the suit is adorned with the Eagle's own icon, a brass eagle, in which is contained the suits power supply, which provides power to the few gadgets the Eagle may carry with him at any given time. Attached to the back of the suit is a flowing red cape of nano-kevlar. Bullet proof but not as flexible as typical cloth, behind it the Eagle can shield himself from all but high caliber or advanced weaponry. The mask of his suit is stylized like the wings of an eagle, and also contains advanced imaging software and a personal HUD. This suit has been upgraded from it's initial design from 1964, and has been granted a much needed functionality upgrade, and it's now trademark gadget capabilities. Designed by the development team at S.P.E.A.R., the suit was also given a more 'spec ops military' asthetic than it's 1964 version which was described by S.P.E.A.R. head of development Marcus Barns as being too 'comic book'.

Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture): As an experimental inventor and weapons designer, Luke Baxter's equipment consists of that he designed and made during the arms race with the USSR through the 19 50's to 60's, some of which is kept in the vaults under his former company, Atlas Tech, and those he kept for himself in the vault in his home. Rarely however does the Eagle resort to using this technology, instead sticking to a specific set for day to day use. The first being his mask and visor, which is equipped with a personal HUD and imaging systems, and the infamous rocket gauntlet. The armored gauntlet of the Eagle's suits may be launched from the set as a projectile powered by micro thrusters, and can even return to the hand after striking the target.

Character Powers/Skills: A technical and innovational genius, Luke Baxter developed, with the aid of his former partner Pavel Crafchenkev, the Atlas Formula. The Atlas Formula was a medical serum designed to 'unlock the hidden potential of human DNA', essentially accelerating natural evolution to create the 'perfect human'. Unwilling to test the radical formula on anyone but himself, Luke underwent the extensive procedure of administering the formula to himself. The result was a human at the peak of human physicality. The Doctor Baxter, aged 41, appeared as a 33 year old version of himself upon exiting the testing chamber. He had grown a full five inches, and was incredibly muscular. Tests provided by the Experimental Research Division clocked his new maximum sprinting speed at 60 mph, faster than the fasted recorded speed of a Mustang Horse, and a bench press record of 1427 pounds. He had reaction times far in excess of any Olympic athlete, and went on a 87 - 0 win streak in an open house boxing match against US Marines at Fort Winchester, Vietnam, within a world record time of 42 minutes. Ontop of this, the Eagles Paratrooper training from WWII and his advanced hand to hand and weapons training in 1964 have only furthered his incredible capabilities. The Eagle has been described as both the greatest soldier ever, and one of the greatest inventors ever.

Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is: The Iron Eagle is essentially a combination of Hank Pym, Norman Osborn, and Captain America. A US patriotic themed hero whom developed his own 'super serum' and tested it himself, as well as a number of other inventions made to face the Red Menace.

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):

Born to wealthy parents in 1923, Luke Felix Baxter took after his father as an innovator and inventor, constructing his first motor at the age of 13, the young Luke was privately tutored and developed a close but at times strained relationship with his father, whom was married to his work. Luke's mother, Beatrice, died whilst he was 15, an event which did little to assist him and his fathers already straining relationship. As a result, Luke's father Robert threw himself into his work, leaving the care of his son to assistants and friends. A distance grew between the pair, and came to a climax in 1942 when the 18 year old Luke signed on with the US Army in august of 1942, and would go on to be enlisted and trained withe the 101st Airborne Division. The then private Baxter first saw combat in 1944 at 1 AM on June 6th, the night before D-Day. Dropped on LZ Able, a failure of communication caused both Private Baxter and Lt Col. Steve A. Chappuis to land at the correct LZ, whilst the rest of their unit of 80 Paratroopers veered off course. Virtually alone for the first hour of the drop, Baxter eventually rendezvoused with the Lt Colonel whilst capturing one of their objectives, a German coastal battery. Prior, Baxter had avoided German patrols and single handedly ambushed German patrols which may have discovered and killed the rest of his unit. For this he was awarded the Silver Star, and went on to win a Medal of Honor during the battle of Carentan for charging and eliminating an MG42 position alone, suffering fatal wounds to save the rest of his squad. Private Baxter would go on to distinguish himself in every combat the 101st took part in, including Operation Market Garden and the taking oh Hell's Highway, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Invasion of Western Germany.

One of the most decorated members of the 101st, by the end of the war and the unit's deactivation in 1945, Baxter had gathered an impressive set of decorations and medals, and even had his picture taken with president Harry Truman. Baxter returned home a War hero to find that his father had since died of heart complications, and that his final act was to hand over his company, Atlas Avionics, to his son. Luke took on his fathers company, and under his direction the business flourished from a simple plane manufacturing company to a fully fledged military contracted experimental technology developer, being renamed Atlas Tech in 1954. Work preformed by Luke and his research team revolutionized radio wave technology, and even invented the Micro Wave for commercial use, though the vast majority of the companies business was with the newly formed Experimental Research Division, and took part in the rapid arms race with the USSR at the onset of the Cold War after WWII. The company developed extended ICBM capabilities, and even took part in many outlandish projects such as THOR, a recently publicized project to build a nuke platform satellite, though the vast majority of the research preformed by Luke Baxter and the ERD is still unknown and classified. Luke was at the forefront of weapons development during the Cold War, and eventually partnered with a Soviet defector, Pavel Crafchenkev. Crafchenkev brought with him news about a secret KGB research and development division known as Julos. Julos was supposedly an incredibly dangerous sub division of the KGB made up of experimental weapons designers and even Nazi war criminals, working towards the purpose of building unstoppable weapons to destroy the west. ERD turned it's focus to combating Julos on every front, and under the Cold War and the Iron Curtain, a secret war was raged. Agents of Julos fought on nearly every continent with agents from ERD, sometimes taking part in other proxy wars as a cover to avoid nuclear annihilation. In these wars the fighting was in open daylight, regulars on both sides even taking part in the secret war, but always with some kind of cover.

By 1959, there was no end in sight to the war, until hope delivered itself to Pavel Crafchenkev in the forum of the Sinapsus Singuflora, an impossibly rare type of plant found in Greece. Development on this plant began when it was discovered during the Greek Revolution, yet another proxy war between Julos and the KRD, and would proceed into 1964, when it was finally synthesized into the Atlas Formula. With the potential to unlock humanity's evolutionary potential, the Atlas Formula could have made an army of unstoppable super soldiers to end the conflict with Julos and the USSR at large. Unwilling to test the first batch on anyone but himself, Luke Baxter, whom had spent years making the formula, underwent the three hour long operation to properly administer it to himself. The result was fanatical success. The scientist had reversed in his age, and was at the peak of human physicality. KRD ran a number of tests on Luke, whom continued to smash world record after world record for nearly every physical feat. This 'super human' became a morale icon and symbol for western resistance across the world, although particularly in America and among American troops stationed in Europe and Asia. Magna Comics produced the first ever 'Iron Eagle' comic as a morale book for soldiers in Vietnam, and by Christmas of 1964 Iron Eagle action figures became the number 1 gift toy for children. Tired of being only a morale figure, Luke eventually designed a functional armored version of his comic book costume, and unofficially joined in the Vietnam war at the head of an elite strike team, and took part in conflict across the whole of Vietnam, both alongside regulars in conventional operations, and covert attacks on Julos bases. In 1966 this operation expanded to theaters across the world still including Vietnam, and progressed well into 1967. By this time, Iron Eagle was an American icon and had his picture taken yet again with another president, this time Lyndon Johnson. In May of 1967 however, Luke disappeared, and was declared MIA by the US government, and KIA a year later. In his absence, Pavel Crafchenkev also disappears, and Atlas Tech falls under control of it's board of executives, whom continue to support the KRD. Thirty nine years later in 2006, Luke is discovered and rescued by US Soldiers, whom find him comatose somewhere in Iraq.
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Iron Eagle Concept
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