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 Concept/Application Format

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PostSubject: Concept/Application Format   Concept/Application Format I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 10:56 am

Essentially, a Concept/Application is a brief description of the character you're making, and a very rough summary of their history. As per usual I trust everyone here, at least for now, to not be shitheads so therefor this format is gonna be loosey goosey and more or less just so we can get rosters going and so the timeline can be edited as necessary. You must make a concept before making a character sheet or roleplaying the character at all, up until it is made assume they do not exist. For those of you who want to keep some characters secret or in the dark until a certain time, you may PM your concept to me or Bronzy. As of now concepts do not need to be accepted, only that they comply with the rules and are made with the consent of whoever's plot they will be taking part in the most. Keep in mind this is only for notable characters which would would be described as a hero / villain, regardless of what their power is. Some crime boss lieutenant does not need a concept, but the sick mafia boss man with needles for fingers he works with does. Use your common sense, and as always, if you're unsure, ask me or Bronzy. That being said, every character may only have one member of the Titans (our man Justice League / Avengers) group at a time. Your character does not need to be a member of the Titans, but if you want them to take part in the larger group events, then they do have to, at least generally speaking. Side characters and minor heros can appear in the combined events, but no more than the cameos of Rhody or Falcon in the Avengers movies, to put it in perspective. This is not set in stone however, and certain characters may take a larger role as the plot warrants. Please read the introduction thread and the timeline before making your concept here. In the future, if this roleplay becomes more popular and we begin to take on some more unknown people, this process will become much more like a traditional application process.

Your Name:
Link Your Steam Profile:

Character Name:
Character Alias (If Applicable):
Character Age:
Character Appearance (Pictures or descriptions work fine, both is best.):
Character Equipment (As above, pictures and descriptions work. However, every item must be accurately described, and not /just a picture):
Character Powers/Skills:
Give a brief description of what your character is exactly, essentially what the concept is:

A summary of your characters' backstory and how they got here (Minimum of two Paragraphs at least six lines each):

Post your concepts in the Concepts and Applications Board, not in this thread.
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Concept/Application Format
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